UEFA decided to resume European competitions but with a special formula, from the next round.

After a long stop following the emergence of the pandemic of Covid-19 in Europe, UEFA announced on Wednesday 17 June that the Europa League will return from the 5th of August in Cologne, and that the Champions League will resume on the 7th of the same month, in Lisbon.

The two competitions will resume differently due to the current conditions, and will be played under the formula of the โ€œFinal 8″, in a single match. The Europa League final will be held on the 21st, while the Champions League final will be played on August 23rd.

With regard to the C1, four matches remain to be played to designate the clubs that will join the teams already qualified in the quarterfinals: PSG, RB Leipzig, Atalanta De Bergamo and Atlรฉtico de Madrid.

As for the presence of supporters, it remains related to the health and safety conditions of the host countries, namely Germany and Portugal.