Juventus mastered its subject on Sunday to win the 12th day of Serie A against AC Milan (2-0).

Overturned by Manchester United on Wednesday in the champions League (1-2), Juventus learned its lesson against AC Milan on Sunday (2-0). As was the case against the English, the Turin mastered their subject, leaving only rare balloons to the Milanese, who had no choice but to proceed against. On one of them, they almost equalized, against the course of the game, but Gonzalo Higuain trembled against his former teammates (the turn of the game).

The Turin players took place. They opened the scoring on their first opportunity in the 8th minute by Mario Mandzukic. The Croat made them tremble several times, but it was Cristiano Ronaldo who scored the goal of the break (81′), on his third big chance. The Portuguese, and it’s rare enough to mention it, had never scored in San Siro.

Driven to the score, frustrated, Gonzalo Higuain literally went berserk two minutes later. The Argentinean striker took a first yellow card for a charge in the back of Mehdi Benatia, whom he had already skated at the end of the first period (45 ‘ +2). He then went after the referee, in flowery language, who had no choice but to expel him. A match to forget for the Milan in the final.

The player : Mandzukic, strong head

Mario Mandzukic hadn’t started a game in three weeks because of ankle distortion. He signed his return to the team in the most beautiful way, opening the scoring. Fast and powerful, the Croatian centre forward was particularly noted for the quality of its aerial play. He scored with his head and could have scored three times (11th, 26th, 59th).

The turning point: Higuain’s failed penalty

AC Milan got an unexpected opportunity to get back in the game before the break (41st). On an ultra-fast counter, Mehdi Benatia hit the ball with his hand in the area after an oriented check by Gonzalo Higuain. The arbitrator requested the VAR’s intervention before granting it. Did this little fluttering moment distract the Argentinean ? He took the penalty himself, but his shot ended up on Szczesny’s post.