In a warm atmosphere, the Italians lost tonight to the Manchester of Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial. The British scored on two free-kicks. They come back to two points of the Italians currently at the top of Group H.

Manchester United is better. In the street a month ago, the Mancunians chained up the good results to prevent Josรฉ Mourinho from taking the door. Winning over Newcastle or Bournemouth is one thing. Facing the Juventus in its den in the champions League is another set. The English had long been overtaken by the Turinese, better technically, faster in transmissions and more intelligent in the use of the ball. Until the 84th minute and Martial’s revolt.

In two accelerations, the French international – who should be recalled by Didier Deschamps on Thursday-has sown the zizanie in the Turinese defense. Szczesny managed to make his first attempt. The Polish goalkeeper couldn’t do anything about Mata’s free-kick, full axe, following a foul by Blaise Matuidi on Paul Pogba. This action is still part of a Martial acceleration… The unthinkable happened four minutes later : on an incoming free-kick from Ashley Young, Alex Sandro scored the Mancunian Victory goal against his camp.

Unthinkable so much the Turin dominated the English. They put pressure on them in the first few minutes. Ronaldo tried to take it back. He was countered by Luke Shaw (5th). The Portuguese, who had not yet scored with Juventus in the champions League, showed himself a “personal” shot (16′, 45 ‘+1), an altruistic shot (19′, 35′, 42′, 66′, 74′), but Sami Khedira, Miralem Pjanic and Juan Cuadrado did not manage to convert these gifts. The German found the post in the half hour of play. He was also served by Paulo Dybala, but he fired in the middle of the goal, on De Gea (31′).

The Argentinean nearly opened the scoring at the 50th, but his coiled shot ended his run on the top of the cross. Of a genius to another, there is only a step to Turin. A quarter of an hour later (65′), Cristiano Ronaldo scored a “ronaldesque” goal : an overpowering volley cover over a long opening for Bonucci. Galvanized by this wonder, the Turinese grew in a boiling Juventus Stadium. They got four huge opportunities. Three for Pjanic. One for Cuadrado. All harvested. They can eat it up.

While Cristiano Ronaldo blew up the Allianz Stadium on his goal, Paulo Dybala made the Turin fans vibrate as soon as he touched the ball. Placed to the left of the Portuguese, the Argentinean took a lot of time out of the game to take part in the creation of the game and create some offsets. He found the cross (50’), served his teammates in ideal conditions, and drove the Mancunians crazy with his driving and bullet protection. As comfortable in the small spaces as to take the depth, Dybala knows how to do everything. And do everything right.