Liverpool lost to the Red Star on Tuesday in Belgrade (0-2). A result that could make the business of PSG, in case of favorable result to Naples.

In its operation” remontada ” hoped, during the return matches of the group phase of the champions League, PSG had surely not anticipated this result. Just before challenging Naples to San Paolo on Tuesday, the Paris club received their first good news from Serbia. The Red Star Belgrade achieved what no one had imagined by defeating Liverpool (2-0). And the worst part is that the victory of the Serbian champions makes perfect sense. Its first consequence is to restart the qualifying race in the round of 16 in Group C. Before the clash between Napoli and Paris, the four teams now stand in two points.

Pavkov hero of the game

The Reds were warned. They were about to discover the hell of the Maracana against the Red Star. Naples came out almost unscathed (0-0), they didn’t. In a deafening racket, the Mersey players quickly gave in to the onslaught. Until then, unknown or almost unknown, Milan Pavkov was the hero of the night by scoring a double (22nd and 29th), his first two goals in the competition, with an angry head on corner and a clear shot, on two assists from Marko Marin.

Under the unbelief of Jรผrgen Klopp, Liverpool waited for the second half to react. It was not the break entry of Roberto Firmino instead of Daniel Sturridge, who had been clumsy before (17th), that changed the game. But rather the mindset a little more determined displayed by his team. The Reds confiscated the ball, hitting twice the amounts by Robertson (56′) and Salah (71′). The Egyptian took matters into his own hands but failed to fool the excellent Borjan (71st, 82nd and 90th+3). Therefore, in the event of success in Naples, PSG could make an unlikely reversal of the situation and take the lead. Provided, of course, that he fulfills his part of the contract.