Four days before her gala match against Manchester United in the champions League, Juventus defeated Cagliari (3-1) without forcing.

Still undefeated in Serie A, Juventus did not have to force his talent on Saturday to keep his invincibility against Cagliari (3-1). A poor raise from Pisacane in the first seconds of the game and Paulo Dybala took the opportunity to open the scoring. All the Turin people had to do was manage this advantage. They turned the ball around, without necessarily being dangerous. And were punished : Joao Pedro equalized at the 36th. Their joy was short-lived. Two minutes later, when he was not under pressure, Bradaric cut the trajectory of a Douglas Costa center, directly to his goal.

This time, the Turin did not fall asleep on their advantage. Cristiano Ronaldo nearly took them to safety before halftime (45 ‘ +3) but he fired on the post. This is the fifth time since the start of the season that the Portuguese has found an amount. They continued to handle the Sardinians on their way back from the dressing rooms, on a false pace, making the game particularly boring. They scored a third goal on the counter (Cuadrado, 87’) to win, without tapping into their looks. The main thing for them, four days before their gala match against Manchester United in the champions League.

Ronaldo, when it doesn’t

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score his eighth goal of the season in Serie A. It’s not for lack of trying. Pretty rough overall, the Portuguese got two huge opportunities. But he found the pole on the first one. The second came at the end of the game. In a completely closed angle, he shot the guard in force (83′). He was much more selfless at the end of the game. He went up the pitch with the ball to secure the defense and serve Cuadrado. Ronaldo tried a comeback in the saves, but, unlike the one he had scored here with Real Madrid in the champions League, he missed the ball.