By winning 3-0 in Ukraine against Chakhtior Donetsk on Tuesday, Manchester City took first place in Group F, ahead of Lyon.

Surprised by Lyon (2-1) when they entered the champions League, Manchester City took over perfectly. After winning Hoffenheim (2-1), the Citizens won without any problems against Chakhtior Donetsk (3-0). A relentless success, as the team of Pep Guardian proved to be superior to the champion of Ukraine.

In a match in Karkhiv, due to the conflict in the east of the country, the Mancunians have been bending all suspense since the first half. After hitting Piatov several times, missing the frame in ideal situations (Mahrez, 22′), seeing Rakitski stop him from opening the scoring with a superb tackle (24′) or hitting Wood (David Silva, 28′), City finally managed to score.

Moved by Mendy to the surface, Gabriel Jesus was blocked but the ball reached David Silva, whose left volley hit the mark (1-0, 30′). Five minutes later, on a corner shot by De Bruyne – the incumbent, so-Laporte raised the score to 2-0 from a powerful head (2-0, 35′). Largely dominating, City was rewarded for his demonstration.

In the second half, after missing several more chances, the English club added Bernardo Silva (3-0, 71′), who was outshined by a very unfortunate Mahrez against the goal.

Combined with Lyon’s draw in Hoffenheim (3-3), this victory allows Manchester City to regain the lead of Group F with six points, against five in OL and two in Donetsk and Hoffenheim, and to consider calmly the rest in this group phase.