The leaders ‘ clash did not offer a winner between Liverpool and Manchester City on Sunday (0-0). The men of Guardiola will be able to feed regrets after the penalty missed by Mahrez at the end of the game. This result offers a little more suspense in the standings with the Reds, the Citizens but also Chelsea tied in the lead.

Manchester City missed the boat. At the end of a disappointing shock, Citizens and Reds didn’t know how to decide in Anfield, as they were in the shape of a 90-minute observation round, poor on honest occasions and marked by a failed penalty by Riyad Mahrez. A draw that allows them to remain undefeated in the Premier League and join the Chelsea Blues, winner of Southampton a few hours earlier, at the top of the standings.

A poster that had only the name between two teams that probably lacked a little oil in the engine after a European outing during the week. Indeed, it is little to say that Manchester City and Liverpool did not offer a match up to expectations and the last confrontations between two favourites at the crown. At the break, it was even enough to settle for a single dangerous situation, in this case a shot from Mohamed Salah non cadrรฉe (4th). In the image of his complicated start to the season, the Egyptian lacked success, if not conviction, during both periods (62′, 67’).

Mahrez got a good hole.

The Reds and the Citizens continued to divide the phases of possession, failing to give themselves the blows of a real boxing match. But the fact remains that this dull spectacle almost tipped over at the moment when Virgil Van Dijk, until then impeccable in his role of control tower, irregularly mowed Leroy Sanรฉ in the surface. The penalty was indisputable for Manchester City and, with Sergio Agรผero out, it was Riyadh Mahrez who captured the ball. Before sending it well above the cage of the Reds (86′).

The former Leicester player had the victory ball on his feet and could have put an end to the Anfield curse, where Manchester City has not had the victory since now eighteen trips, regardless of competition. At least it has helped solidify the suspense that has driven the Premier League since the takeover, as three clubs, still invincible, now share the throne. Hopefully the future face-to-face between these suitors will be more exciting.