The Juventus had the Udinese without trembling (0-2) on Saturday to win its eighth match in as many days. Launched for an extra-sports deal this week, Cristiano Ronaldo responded on the field by scoring a fourth goal this season. Of course, the turinoise team remains at the top of the league.

But who will put an end to the no-fault of this Juve ? Not the Udinese, anyway. In Friuli, the Bianconeri won their tenth match of the season, the eighth in the league (0-2). Thanks to goals from Bentancur and Ronaldo in the first period, the Old Lady is temporarily 9 points ahead of Serie A while waiting for the match against Naples on Sunday.

Facing a very low block, Juventus was patient. She was rewarded by an unexpected man : Bentancur , with a head to six meters, scored her first goal under the colours turinoises (0-1, 33′). Four minutes later, Cristiano Ronaldo took advantage of Mandzukic’s work to score his fourth goal of the season in a left shot (0-2, 37′).

Under cover, Juve continued to attack. But she came across a very good Scuffet that defeated Mandzukic (36′), Bernardeschi (70′), Ronaldo (74′) and Cancelo (85′). Mission accomplished nevertheless for the reigning champion who signs an eighth consecutive success in Serie A.

It remains to be seen whether the coming international break will slow down the momentum of Turin who will receive Genoa and its revelation Krzysztof Piatek (8 goals) on the next day.