After missing several chances, รlvaro Morata finally found his way to the net 20 minutes before the end of the game between Chelsea and the MOL Vidi, scoring the first goal of the rencontr, his second of the season.

รlvaro Morata was able to take a load off his shoulder by scoring Chelsea’s first goal in the game against MOL Vidi.

In the first half, the Spanish international wasted several chances to the great despair of the Stamford Bridge crowd. He’s in perfect conditions for scorer, with a keeper down, but Morata lacks precision.

However, the former Real Player is not lacking in hargne on this match, fighting on all the duels, but only enjoys a bit of luck in the 70th minute. On a pass from Willian, Morata finally sees the end of the tunnel.

A center from the right that was addressed to Willian is extended by the Brazilian to Morata. The striker sends the leather to the bottom of the nets from the inside of the right foot.