Club Bruges fought well but lost 3-1 to Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night in the second day of the Champions League. A double by Antoine Griezmann (28th and 67th) and a goal by Koke (90th+4) beat the Blauw in Zwart who had provisionally equalized by Arnaut Groeneveld Danjuma (39th). Defeated by Dortmund on the first day, Bruges scored zero points and was third in Group A with Monaco, beaten 3-0 by Dortmund.

The Madrileens logically took the match in hand in the first few minutes by pressing Bruges into his side. Well grouped, the Blauw in Zwart have conceded very little and have been surprised only once by Griezmann, fortunately reported out-of-play (20e). The Frenchman consoled himself eight minutes later by taking advantage of a Lemar centre after a poor raise in bruge to slide between Denswil’s legs and put out of reach of Letica (1-0, 28′). Not very enterprising so far, the team of Ivan Leko dared to go up the field and keep the ball in the opposing camp. After a few useful sequences to gain confidence, the Belgian champions made their mark by equalising thanks to a superb shot from a distance in Arnaut Groeneveld Danjuma’s small net (39′).

Griezmann as executioner

Surprised by the bruge reaction, Atletico put in a lot of effort at the start of the second period and began to prove dangerous again in front of Letica’s goal. He saved the furniture a first time against Griezmann (61′) but could do nothing against the French, at the base and at the conclusion of the action of the 2-1 six minutes later (67′). As in the first half, Bruges reacted well by showing up several times on Oblak’s side without scaring the Slovenian doorman. On the other hand, the Atletico found the necessary spaces to plant a third goal via Koke after another individual feat by the French World champion (90 ‘ +4).

Beaten with honors as against Dortmund, the Brugeois will have to wait on October 24 and the reception of Monaco to hope to get their first points.