The French World champion has signed a second goal this season, this Wednesday, in a match that Juve dominated against Bologna (2-0).

Seeing Blaise Matuidi point early in the fall with the same number of goals as Cristiano Ronaldo was a bold bet. However, it is a reality after Juventus ‘ new victory, this Wednesday night, against Bologna (2-0). And the great story for the world champion is that it was CR7 himself who served him to score his second goal of the season. A perfect Portuguese Center in the quarter-hour of play, which allowed the Bianconeri to get their bearings (2-0, 16′).

Before that, the champion of Italy had already unlocked the situation thanks to the talented Paulo Dybala, and Blaise Matuidi was already in that good shot. Opportunist on a second ball after a Bonucci opening, the French fired a powerful shot that Skorupski could only let go at Dybala’s feet (1-0, 14′). By getting into such a comfortable position from the start, Juve facilitated the game.

The sequel was a formality for Bianconeri applied to manage their advantage, while trying to accelerate to increase the score. But in spite of beautiful collective movements, the men of Allegri did not succeed. Cuadrado, well served by an altruistic Ronaldo, could have scorched, for example (53′). Cristiano Ronaldo, on a free-kick, also put on some chills (77′), like Dybala at the end of the game (83’).

It was interesting to note that the Portuguese, despite his palpable desire to find the way to the Nets, made a real contribution to the game. As if he was leaving his obsession aside to try to shine otherwise. Goals always come back, for him, anyway. And the case was closed a long time ago, even though the score hasn’t changed. Juve continues to capitalize at the top of the Italian championship. With this sixth win in as many outings, she remains three points from Naples, her runner-up.