Against the surprising Japanese Naomi Osaka, the American failed to win a 24th record title on Saturday at the US Open, in a final in which she received a penalty game.

Serena Williams couldn’t hold back her tears. But the victory of the young Japanese Naomi Osaka, 19th world player, against the American (6-2, 6-4) on Saturday in New York, does not explain everything. As well as the first Grand Slam in Osaka, 20 years old, the final of the US Open was mainly marked by a rare arbitration controversy. While player nippone was leading 6-2, 4-3, Serena did receive a penalty game for calling the Chair umpire, Portuguese Carlos Ramos, a “thief” after several arbitration incidents.

Two warnings in the second set. It all started when the American received a first warning for “coaching” at the start of the second set, at 1-0, 40-15. “I’m not cheating to win, I’d rather lose,” she said to the referee first, before talking to him about changing sides. “I’m not cheating, I’ve never cheated in my life, I have a daughter and I defend what’s right, you owe me an apology,” she says. At 4-3, the youngest of the Williams sisters (36) received a second because she had smashed her racket after being disconnected, which this time earned her a penalty point.

“You’re the liar.” “You attack my person. You will never arbitrate any more of my games. You’re the liar,” says Serena when she realizes it, out of her hump, before calling the referee a ” thief.” The latter then Inflicts a penalty game on him. One game later, the American, in tears and having a discussion with a tournament supervisor on the court, bows down and sees his dream of matching Margaret Court’s absolute Grand Slam title record, with a 24th crown, fly away.

The ceremony then began under the booing of the spectators, before Serena invited the spectators to stop. Osaka, on the other hand, became the first Japanese in Grand Slam.