Tottenham had a big score when he won 3-0 over Manchester United with a double from former Parisian Lucas Moura.

It was the Premier League shock of the day. Manchester United, which had four points after the first two rounds of the league, was home to Spurs who had won their first two appearances in the league. Josรฉ Mourinho was out, not surprisingly, the big team, but it had to be pointed out that Eric Bailly and Anthony Martial were not even in the group ! Pochettino put him on Mousa Dembele in the middle, while the former Parisian Lucas Moura was titular. It should be noted that Hugo Lloris was a good starting star and, above all, still a captain after his drunken evening, which made a lot of talk overseas. In the end, the Spurs won 3-0.

And it was a big start for the locals, because from the first minute, Fred was already creating a dangerous situation ! But Josรฉ Mourinho’s plan was clear, on the edge of the caricatural: be very solid behind,and ander Herrera played almost as a third central defender as he was low. The start of the match was intense, but very few chances… Taking advantage of Rose’s huge mistake, Lukaku went to challenge Lloris, hesitating in his exit, but the Belgian did not fit in front of the empty cages (16′). Little by little, one could say that the Red Devils dominated the debates, suffocating the Londoners and offering some interesting sequences. Lloris fired a nice shot from Pogba, and Vertonghen saved his own on this attempt from Matic (34′).

Two fateful minutes for the Red Devils

It was necessary to wait for the 40th minute to attend the first occasion of Tottenham, work of Christian Eriksen, served by Lucas Moura. But De Gea easily captured the Danish hit. Mauricio Pochettino’s troops were waking up at the end of the first period, but that wasn’t enough. All the more so because, like this misunderstanding between Lucas and Eriksen, they were too imprecise in the last meters. The same 22 players were present for the start of the second period… And it started off strong.

Pogba, from a shot from the entrance to the surface, missed the frame by little (47′), and behind, Tottenham responded via Kane (48′) or Alli (50′). Harry Kane was finally going to break through the opposing nets first ! From the head, on a corner kicked by Eriksen, the Englishman sent the leather to the bottom (0-1, 50′). In the process, Lloris pulled out a new parade in front of Lukaku, then, on counter-attack, Tottenham was going to take the break ! Lucas Moura, served by Eriksen, mistaken Gea from the right (0-2, 52nd) ! The two minutes of hell for Josรฉ Mourinho ! From then on, there were several chances on both sides, but it was Lucas Moura who folded the game, beating Smalling then de Gea after a good Kane ball (0-3, 85′). Tottenham leads the League on a tie with Liverpool, while Manchester is in 13th place.

Man of the game : Lucas (8): The former Paris Saint-Germain player has, as the Parisians are accustomed, run a lot on his flank. Enough to create a bit of danger ahead, and his efforts were rewarded with this first goal early in the second period. He then repeated it at the very end of the game. His defensive contribution was also quite interesting, as he does not skimp on efforts at this level.

Manchester United

– De Gea (5): The Spanish goalkeeper had a relatively quiet first half. Tottenham only hit goal once through Eriksen (40th) who didn’t worry him. The second act was quite different. After his intervention on Kane’s hit (47′), The English forward found the opening by placing a head that left the doorman motionless (50′). On the goal of the break, he is adjusted at point-blank range by Lucas (52′). He still showed his qualities on his one-on-one against Dele Alli (66′). Lucas cheated him a third time at the end of the game (84′).

– Valencia (4) : captain tonight, the Ecuadorian made his return to the starting line-up. A good first half, where he made a clean shot (20′) and a good Center for Matic (34′). He had a bit of a defensively late period. The second was to the image of his team. He went completely through the motions and failed to set an example in defense. Hard for a premiere.

– Jones (3,5): a first serious period of English who managed to contain the assaults of Kane (14′) and his acolytes from the attack. He did stop Lucas ‘ big break at 29th, though on the edge of the penalty. On opening the score (50th), he was overtaken by Kane who took the top of the head. On the second, he’s not at Lucas ‘mark (52′). Wounded, he was replaced by Victor Lindelรถf at 58th, angering Josรฉ Mourinho. The Swede, who had a non-square head (65′), was overtaken, especially on the third goal (84′).

– Smalling (4): solid first 45 minutes from the central defender. Like his teammate Jones, he was able to control the Spurs offensives. He did intervene before Dele Alli who appeared before him (25th). The beginning of the second period is to forget, despite another good intervention, again before Dele Alli (50th). On Tottenham’s second (52nd) and third (84th) goals, he left too much space and was passed.

– Shaw (3,5) : he led the left side of the attack in the first half, with a good centre for Lukaku (19th). The beginning of the second act is completely missed. He let Eriksen center, leading to the deciding corner at the 50th. On the second goal, he was again overwhelmed by the Dane who had only to focus for Lucas. A game to forget for him.

– Matic (4,5): 50th match with Manchester United tonight for the Serbian. For his first time this season, he made a first period of quality, making a nice interception (19′) and a good return (45′). He did, however, lose a ball in front of his surface that led to a London opportunity (25th). After a tough break and the two goals conceded (50th, 52nd), he was replaced by Marouane Fellaini at 61st. The Belgian could not restart his team in the last half hour.

– Fred (4,5): he immediately got into the match by creating the first opportunity in the first minute. He was very good in the Middle in the first half, doing a high pressing. It was also distinguished by a non-square coiled strike, after setting Alderweireld (30′). Like his teammates, the start of the second half was missed. Then he got less attention.

– Herrera (4,5): also back after an injury contracted in preparation, he was the author of a big first half, putting pressure on his direct opponents in the middle of the field. He also made some good defensive returns, notably in front of Dele Alli in the 42nd minute. A very complicated second half start for him, who didn’t stop Lucas from taking the break (52′). He is replaced by Alexis Sanchez at 55th, who has not been to his advantage for more than 30 minutes.

– Pogba (4): placed in the right axis of the midfield, it was rather interesting in the first act, despite a fierce duel with Dembรฉlรฉ. He distinguished himself by a good shot near the surface, pushed back by Lloris (34′). The second period started well, with an off-target shot (46′). But then he went down like his partners. He didn’t remobilize his team to come back.

– Lingard (5): positioned next to Lukaku on the front of the mancunian attack, he was very strong at the start of the match. Stirring in Tottenham’s defense, he tried, trying to combine with his partners. But he didn’t manage to be decisive, as he did on his shot in the 62nd minute, after a nice discount from Lukaku. His failed strikes (79′, 88′) did not fail to accentuate his frustration.

– Lukaku (4,5): the Belgian made a big effort at the start of the match. He had a big chance by intercepting Rose’s Pass and eliminating Lloris, but his shot is too crossed (16′). He fired several shots without worrying the French goalkeeper (19′, 27′, 51’). Although he weighed on the defence, especially in the first 45 minutes, he was not decisive in that game.


– Lloris (6,5): after having made speak of him negatively in the English tabloids, the French answered in the best of ways: on the ground. The reigning world champion has made several decisive interventions on his compatriot Paul Pogba or on Romelu Lukaku, including this parade just before the second goal of his team (51′). Nice guy made a nice copy.

– Trippier (5,5): the right side of the Three Lions was generally more discreet than usual, forced to watch his back very regularly. Evidence that he may be more comfortable in a five-than-four Defense… At Best as soon as the dressing rooms return, but it seems far away the Trippier who did damage with the English selection during the last World Cup. At least he held out defensively. Aurier took his place a quarter of an hour before the end and played his part well.

– Alderweireld (7): The Red devil has been solid in its surface this evening. He has won several duels against a player he knows well, Romelu Lukaku, and he has also managed to make up for some of Danny Rose’s blunders. He was simply in every good shot behind, also winning some not-obvious aerial duels. Then, as usual, it was quite specific to the relaunch.

– Vertonghen (6,5): the duo he forms with Alderweireld is more than formidable for the rival forwards, and that, Romelu Lukaku could confirm again this evening. Perhaps a little bit behind tonight, he still won a number of duels, also opposing mancunian attempts and making good interceptions. He too was perfect when it came out clean.

– Danny Rose (4): The weak link in the Spurs rearguard tonight, and we can understand why Pochettino seems willing to get rid of it. Author of a huge mistake that could have (and should have) given Romelu Lukaku a perfect goal (16′), he had other mistakes (a little less important though) in the encounter. Then, he brought almost nothing offensively. Ben Davies took his place (82′), the English international seemed to be hit.

– Dier (5): half-tone meeting for the guy who often took the bouillon against his mancuniens opponents in the first 45 minutes, before strengthening his actions but above all, fluidifying his game in the second half. He found his partners better, which for example allowed Eriksen to touch the leather a little more, but still remained below his usual level.

– Eriksen (7): The One Who should be the thinking head and the instigator of Tottenham’s offensives was not necessarily there at all in the first half. Certainly he was at the origin of some dangerous opportunities for the Spurs, but he was too little influential in the game… But upon returning from the dressing room, he was decisive, kicking the corner from the first goal (50th) and then being on the assist from the second (52nd). He then sent other interesting balls to his partners, making a nice second period.

– Dembele (5,5) : the Belgian has struggled to take advantage of that tonight. Even if, like many of his partners, he was better in the second period, he found it difficult to get his head out of the water, well embarrassed by his mancunian rivals, weighing too little in the game and the development of his team’s actions. He made up for it, so to speak.

– Dele Alli (5,5): the British international had a hard time getting into the game, and it was obvious at the level of his choices, like on this balloon in the poorly exploited surface when he was in a position to do something (25th). In the second period, he was a little bit more dangerous, but he often wanted to do too much, with that hook too much when he could serve a teammate for example.

– Lucas (8) : see above.

– Harry Kane (7): an evening that seemed complicated for the English killer, but which quickly turned in his favor. It was going badly indeed, because he had three central defenders against him, but also because his teammates didn’t always know how to put him in good conditions to shine. And when they did, Kane was there with a purpose. We didn’t ask him any more. That caviar for Lucas at the end of the game was a bonus ! Winks took his place on 89th.