It’s not all resolved, but the Daily Mail dropped a small bomb on Wednesday. According to the English daily, Paul Pogba is pushing more than ever to join Barรงa, with whom he would already have reached an agreement.

Not a day goes by that the hypothetical transfer of Paul Pogba is not mentioned in the press lately. And for good reason, the mercato closes in a little more than 24 hours in England, in the direction of arrivals at least, and it still seems as crazy to imagine Manchester United letting go of Paul Pogba past Thursday and being without possibility of rebound.

The tension is expected to be at its peak in the next few hours and the Daily Mail (not always reliable on the transfer market) reports on Wednesday that the Frenchman has simply asked to leave Barรงa. The recent World champion would have expressed his desire to Manchester United’s Managing Director, Ed Woodward, not really thrilled by the turn of the issue according to the English newspaper.

What if MU already had his replacement ?

Another argument put forward by the Daily Mail, Pogba would have reached an agreement on the outlines of a future contract with Barรงa : a five-year lease and a staggering salary of 385,000 euros per week (about 19.25 million euros per year). The French daily newspaper D’outre-Manche finally claims that Josรฉ Mourinho himself, according to private sources, is ready to sell Pogba this summer and has been since April.

The complicated relationship between the two men and, above all, the arrival of the Brazilian Fred for some 59 million euros this summer could open the door to a departure from Pogba. On Tuesday, Sport announced that MU had vetoed a departure from French. The pro-Barcelona daily even quoted an internal source of the club who estimated “0.01%” the chances of seeing the Mancunian in Catalonia this summer. Meanwhile, Paul Pogba Mures him in a deafening silence.