This Sunday afternoon, the French team challenged Croatia in the World Cup final at the Luzhniki Stadium. After a game with multiple twists and turns, the French team wins 4-2 and becomes world champion.

After an interminable wait for all the fans of the round ball, The final of the World Cup between the team of France and Croatia was about to give its verdict. In a packed Luzhniki Stadium, the two European nations were taking on a final battle for the Grail. And to settle on the roof of the world, Didier Deschamps opted for a 4-2-3-1 and leaned on the victorious eleven against Belgium (1-0). On the Croatian side, Zlatko Dalic lined up a 4-1-4-1. An uncertain time, Perisic held his place. In the first few minutes, Croatia took possession and tried to put pressure on Lloris. Faced with determination and Croatian Dry-cleaning, the Bleus chained up the technical errors.

After passing the storm in the first quarter of an hour, the French team got a free-kick following a foul on Griezmann. The French number seven took charge of the free-kick deflected in its own goal by Mandzukic (1-0, 19th). Unfortunately for the French players, the Croatian selection did not give up. On a free-kick fired by Modric, Vida put back his head for Perisic who got rid of Kantรฉ and adjusted Lloris with a tight shot (1-1, 29′). But this final was going to give us more emotions. On a corner by Griezmann, Blaise Matuidi deflected the ball from the head but Perisic hit the ball with his hand. With Video assistance, the referee of the match indicated the penalty point. Antoine Griezmann took Subasic on the wrong foot (2-1, 38th sp). Zlatko Dalic’s men were dangerous in every phase.

The lloris dumpling could have been harmful.

After the break, the Blues provided an opportunity. On a long ball, Olivier Giroud ran away alone to the goal, turned, and alerted Griezmann whose shot did not worry Subasic (47′). Croatia was quick to react with Rakitic, who threw Rebic, whose shot was beautifully deflected by Lloris in the corner (48′). The Bleus were operating on the counter with Pogba who threw in the Depth Mbappรฉ on the right that was bumping on Subasic (52′). On the verge of breaking up, the French team was taking a break. On a counter, Pogba threw Mbappรฉ on the right, the center of which came on Griezmann who was back on Pogba who, on his second attempt on the left, cheated on Subasic (3-1, 59e).

The French team took off on a counter-attack led by Lucas Hernandez on the left, alerting Kylian Mbappรฉ, whose shot at the entrance to the surface was misleading Subasic (4-1, 65′). While the match seemed to be under control for France, Hugo Lloris tore himself apart on a harmless pass from Umtiti and allowed Mandzukic to revive his team (4-2, 69′). The end of the match was completely revived and Zlatko Dalic’s men drew on their physical resources. Fresh into play, Nabil Fekir tried his luck on the right but did not worry Subasic (86′). The French team didn’t waver and took their second World Championship title !

Find the movie of the match on our live commentary.

The man of the game : Griezmann (8,5) : his first 15 minutes was a crossing of the desert where he only touched a balloon. He is at the origin of the opening of the French score where his coup-franc wrapped pushes Mandzukic to the fault (1-0, 19th). It is the origin of the penalty conceded by Croatia for a Perisic hand on a matuidi head. Grizou did not tremble when converting the penalty (2-1, 38′). His rematch on the centre of Mbappรฉ allowed Pogba to score the third French goal (3-1, 59′). He sacrificed himself at the end of the match by going into battle and keeping the ball in hot moments.