England had to wait for the shootout to get rid of the Colombians after a 1-1 (4-3 to the TAB) at the end of regulation time and then overtime. Gareth Southgate’s troops will face Sweden in quarters.

Last eighth of the final of the 2018 World Cup this evening with the duel between the British and the Colombians, won by the Europeans who will face the Swedish selection in the quarter-finals. For this shock, Josรฉ Pekerman had to do without James Rodriguez, injured, and chose to lock in the middle of the field with a trio Carlos Sanchez-Barrios-Lerma, behind the usual trio Cuadrado-Quintero-Falcao. Opposite, an English gala team, with a Harry Kane on fire at the moment in Russian lands, at the forefront of this three-defender system. The match started at a high pace, with both teams putting in a lot of intensity. Ospina intervened for the first time in the 5th minute to Box an interesting free-kick from Young.

Opportunities were rare, however, as both teams were very well positioned in the middle and behind. On the other hand, it seemed pretty clear that the British were going to lead the way against Colombians who were waiting and trying to play the opposites. On a good Trippier centre, Harry Kane, at an almost closed angle, was close to finding the crack in the head (16′). But the Three Lions were sorely lacking in ideas, and most of the time were content to be dangerous on set pieces. Both Harry Kane and Radamel Falcao were completely isolated at the front posts and often had to stall to touch balloons. We had to wait for the 47th minute to witness the first shot of the game, by Quintero, captured well by Pickford.

Yerry Mina has put on her Saviour costume again

It was thus on a fairly logical parity score that the players of the match returned to the dressing rooms, the duel of the evening being anything but spectacular or rich in opportunities. We expected better from the English and their offensive animation in half-mast, with Harry Kane giving the impression of being the only player capable of making a difference. And on the way back from the locker room, the scenario was always more or less the same… Up to this time, the British were in favour, after Carlos Sanchez hit Harry Kane (54′). Tottenham’s star would set off and transform perfectly (0-1, 57′). A goal that upset the Colombians a little bit, who had trouble reacting and from head to head on the second post, Alli saw the leather pass just above the crossbar (63′).

Colombia no longer offered anything, and the encounter was getting harder and harder, with more and more mistakes and some bad gestures on both sides. It was necessary to wait for the last ten minutes of the match to see Pekerman’s troops finally show themselves to be dangerous, and Cuadrado did not find the frame after a good lag of Bacca (81′). The Colombians launched many assaults, but were too imprecise to hope to hinder the English well in place. At the very end of the extra time, Uribe forced Pickford to come out with an exceptional parade ! In the stride, Mina equalized, from the head (1-1, 90+3rd)! It was time for overtime, where the Americans had the lead this time, even though Danny Rose had the only big opportunity of the extra 30 minutes (112′). So it was all going to be shot on goal. And at that game, The British won, along with Uribe and Bacca for the Cafeteros. England is going in quarters !