The day had been rather full of surprises. Indeed, Russia had sent Spain back home, defeating the Iberians in the shootout. And the Sbornaya will face the winner of this duel between Croats and Danes, the first, in the quarterfinals next Friday. On the Croatian side, heavy artillery was brought out from the front, with the same composition that had come to the end of Argentina in hens (3-0). So Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic and Perisic were on the entry field. For the Danes, it was also a fairly classic compo at the level of the players used, but in 3-4-3 this time, even if Pione Sisto started on the bench.

And as soon as the kick-off was given, the Danes got the upper hand ! On a long shot, Jorgensen recovered the leather from the second post and took advantage of a certain clumsiness to put the Nordics in front (0-1, 2e). Barely time to celebrate that Mandzukic equalized ! The player of the Juventus took advantage of a bad release of the Danish defense to crucify Schmeichel (1-1, 4e). Of course, the pace declined afterwards, even though Croatia had overall control of the game, easily clearing its way to the Danish surface. Braithwaite, on a caviar from Eriksen, hit Subasic (27′). Perisic sent the balloon in the clouds (29′).

Denmark has been a real worry for Croatia

Both defenses were not necessarily serene, or at least left a lot of space behind. Lovren thought he had found the head flaw on a free kick kicked by Modric, but the ball was near the post before going out (38′). Eriksen, on a centre that got very upset, was touching the bar (42′). Schmeichel intervened on a shot from Rakitic (44′). So it was on this 1-1 that the 22 players of the match returned to the changing rooms. On returning to the field, the debates were always fairly balanced. Opportunities were becoming more and more scarce, and the offensive players on both sides were quite clumsy. But it was clear that Denmark was effectively neutralizing the Croatian attack plan, and Schmeichel was enjoying a relatively quiet evening.

Time was running out, and the score wasn’t changing. It was even the Danish formation that was beginning to dominate, and after a good work by Poulsen, Jorgensen saw Subasic stepping in and capturing his attempt without major seeds (72′). The game was poor in intensity and Perisic, on a cross-head to the first post, signed in the 84th minute The first real interesting action of the Croats in the second period. In the back, Rebic went out an excellent recess which did not find any small takers (86′). Rakitic, from a distant shot, missed the frame by little (90 ‘ +2), and we were therefore entitled to overtime. Denmark was dominant there too, even if Schmeichel had to relax and tap out to get out this Rebic ball (104′). The latter was going to challenge Schmeichel, but was hit by Jorgensen at the very last moment when he had already beaten the doorman (114’)! The referee pointed to the penalty point, and Modric went for it… Only the heroic Danish keeper stopped his attempt ! Subasic’s attacks on Schone, Eriksen and Jorgensen allowed the Croats to win (3-2).