France became the first team to qualify for the quarter-finals of the worlds. Les Bleus controlled Argentina 4-3 despite a tough transition between the first and second periods and a few thrills in the game saves of the game.

A penalty by Griezmann (13th), a superb half-volley by Pavard (57′) and a double by Mbappรฉ (64 ‘and 68′) allowed the men to Didier Deschamps to emerge and get a deserved victory.

The jewel of Di Maria (41′), The lucky deviation of Mercado (48’) and Agรผero’s goal in the stops (90 ‘ +3) were not enough for the Argentines to compensate for the defensive shortcomings of the Albiceleste.

The men of Didier Deschamps thus emerged victorious from this battle and played against the winner of the Uruguay-Portugal duel in the quarterfinals. Argentina leaves the World Cup with its captain, Lionel Messi, who is facing yet another crushing defeat with the national team Jersey.

The Summary of the meeting

Devastating on the other hand, the French quickly exposed the defensive difficulties of the argentine team. After a free-kick crossover by Griezmann (10th), the Argentines got caught up in an impressive ride by Mbappรฉ that got a penalty (the fault starts outside the rectangle) that the attacker from Atletico Madrid transformed without problems.

Without any fancy, Argentina tried to circumvent the French bloc well disposed but Messi and his people seemed quite powerless. Probably too much wait-and-see, the rookies didn’t take advantage of their clear superiority. On the contrary, they were surprised by Di Maria’s masterly long-distance hit, which allowed them to return to the dressing rooms on the 1-1 score (41′).

After the break, Jorge Sampaoli’s team once again surprised France with a chance deviation from Mercado for the 1-2 (48′) goal.

Totally surprised, the French had the merit of not panicking and of maintaining confidence in their means. A serenity that paid less than ten minutes later. An overflow with a centre of Hernandez on the left flank put Pavard in the conditions to uncheck a splendid half-volley of the right which went to sleep in a skylight (57′).

Back in the game, France did not make the same mistake as in the first period. As clumsy and distracted as ever, The Argentines could not react. Mbappรฉ then defeated Armani with a left shot (64′) before finishing a lightning round four minutes later by placing the ball at the bottom of the right foot (68′).

The end of the match will be totally to Argentina’s advantage. The goal from Agรผero’s head to 93rd will allow the South Americans to keep hope to the end but the score will not change.