With a shining Rodriguez and a Falcao goalscorer for the first time in the World Cup, Colombia pushed Poland (3-0) away from the round of 16 on Sunday night.

After their inaugural loss to Japan (1-2), Falcao and the Colombians made the match against Poland “a final”. In Kazan, they were at the height of the match on Sunday (3-0), winners of a one-way fight that definitively condemns White Eagles in the race to qualifying for the eighth.

After passing the storm, the Cafeteros took control of the game (57% possession in the first period, 54% In the game as a whole), created shifts and found the fault five minutes into the half thanks to Mina, who was left without any markings in the area on a center of Rodriguez (40th, 1-0). With the massive support of their supporters, who were more than 30,000 in Kazan, they stepped up their domination on the way back from the dressing rooms and ended up taking cover on a three-way movement led by Falcao (70′, 2-0). Brilliant for his return to the starting lineup, Rodriguez offered Cuadrado the third goal in a row (74′, 3-0).

The player : Heroic Ospina

We could have chosen Falcao, goalscorer for the first time in his career in the World Cup, Rodriguez, Double passer for a return to the starting line-up, or even Cuadrado, elusive on his right wing and goalscorer, too, but it would be forgetting that the fourth finalist of the 2014 World Cup also has a great goalkeeper in his ranks.

David Ospina was not spared on Sunday, hit on the right ankle in the first minutes and then on the plexus in the second period. He finished the game with his foot bound and his teeth tightened, decisive on a face-to-face with Lewandowski (58′, 1-0) and then ahead of Krychowiak, who started on the second post (81′, 3-0). Determined to keep his goal undefeated, he flew away again to corner a tense shot from the same Lewandowski at the end of regulation time, under his cross section (88′). This success is also his own.