England took a bite of the Panamanian ‘little Poucet’ (6-1) on Sunday afternoon on the second day of group G of the World Cup. The British took the opportunity to validate their ticket to the round of 16 and at the same time officially qualify the Red Devils. The third match against Belgium will thus look like a real gala match and will only serve to define the first of the pool.

The summary of the meeting

At the kick-off, Panama was bolder than the Red Devils. But the English are not worried at all and quickly find the rift on corner. John Stones gets rid of the opponent’s Mark and puts the selection to the โ€˜three Lionsโ€™ at the controls of the game of a nice diving head (8โ€™).

The Canaleros tried to bring danger to Jordan Pickford’s goals but were clumsy in the final move. The Panamanians were also clumsy in their own area and conceded a penalty that Harry Kane converted without batting an eye (22โ€™).

Gareth Southgate’s men exposed their effectiveness and continued their March forward. After an excellent relay with Raheem Sterling, Jesse Lingard made his mark with a superb shot from the right that cleaned the left skylight of the unfortunate Jaime Penedo (36โ€™).

And the English offensive festival is not over.

Despite the heavy defeat, Panama leaves with a smile