Mexico moved closer to the last-16 thanks to its victory over South Korea (2-1). in this group, Germany, holding the title, will be eliminated in the evening if it falls to Sweden. “el tri”, who had beaten the mannschaft (1-0), confirmed with a penalty from carlos vela (26th) following a foul, then a crushed hit from javier” chicharito ” hernandez (66th), while his heung-min belatedly saved the honor of a powerful shot (90th+3).

The Mexicans are not quite there yet, but everything could happen in the evening in this group f, after Germany-Sweden. the world champions are in an extremely dangerous situation because they will simply be eliminated if they fall. And in the event of a tie, the nits will no longer have their fate in their hands.

Meanwhile, rafael marquez (39) and his heirs chart their course, pushed by their notable supporters who put a real world cup atmosphere at the rostov arena, but especially in the wake of their very exciting offensive trio vela – “chicharito” hernandez-lozano.

Mexico is doing a lot of good things, but it is one that it is doing very, very well: counter-attacking. already redoubtable against Germany, the weapon was still fatal on Saturday on the 2-0 goal as the attackers of the “verde” reinforce themselves as killers as soon as they are left some space.

Lozano chose chicharito, a hook, a hit to the first post and the game was almost curly (2-0), south korea speaking more then distribute shots before a beautiful but for the honour of his star its heung-min (90+3).

The Mexicans had opened the scoring on a penalty awarded for a hand of jang hyun-soo and transformed without pouring a drop of sweat by vela (26′).

Overall disappointing, Korea still has a small chance to see the 8th, provided Germany wins tonight. but in the brutal heat of rostov, she showed nothing on Saturday to suggest that she has the weapons to make a place for herself.