Confirming and getting closer to qualifying for Russia, winning to stay alive in this group A for Egypt, that was the stake of this first match of the second day of the group phase, in St. Petersburg. After rolling Saudi Arabia 5-0, the Sbornaya moved forward with renewed Confidence, and some changes arising from the scenario of the first meeting, such as the presence of Cheryshev at the kick-off. So she started the pounding match, with a big Dry-cleaning over the Egyptians, and a first shot from Golovin in the 6th minute.

But the Egyptians, reinvigorated by the presence of Mohamed Salah in the starting eleven, awoke, under the impulse of Trezeguet and forward Mohsen, who showed himself threatening from the head on corner. Trezeguet, on the other hand, rolled a first shot from right to left (16′). To which Cheryshev replied with a heavy shot, above. No one could find the framework on either side, despite the significant efforts of the Russians, and in particular Dzyuba, to bring danger. What about Salah in there ? Not much to report in the first period, except for a good run at the 42nd minute, which ended with a shot… not in the frame. Increasingly blurry over the minutes, both teams returned to the dressing rooms on a score of 0-0.

< h3>dzyuba rewarded< / h3>

The frame, it was going to be found by an Egyptian by the 47th minute. Unfortunately, it was his. Fathy, by wanting to pass dzyuba to release a shot from Zobnin who was coming to the surface, inadvertently diverted the leather knee in his own nets. Hard blow for the Egype, who found himself with his back to the wall. Salah was throwing a tie ball in the 56th minute, and that was already the end for the Pharaohs. Because Russia was accelerating again. Perfectly served in the surface, the right side, Mario Fernandes delivered a centre back ideal for the instant repeat of Cheryshev (2-0, 58e). The third goal already for the Villarreal player in the competition.

Then it was Dzyuba who entered the scene, with a sublime sequence : amoutit bosse, elimination of the defender and hitting on the post (3-0, 61′)! A superb performance that rewarded the shooting down of this solid forward, best known for his headplay but skilful with his feet. Egypt was blaming the coup and the Russians could calmly retreat. Too much perhaps, since on a one-two rather insignificant, Salah collapsed in the surface, hung by Zobnin. After the video was played, the referee pointed to the penalty point. Penalty that turned Salah without shaking (3-1, 73rd). Enough to restart the suspense ? Not really, since the Russian defense was quietly managing the feeble offensive opponents. And it was even the hosts who were the most dangerous on the counter. Final score 3-1 and a qualification almost acquired for the Sbornaya, while waiting for the meeting between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia, which therefore scored 8 goals in 2 games. On the other hand, it is very badly embarked for the Egypt of Mohamed Salah.