Carried by a whole country, Russia started its World Cup in the best of ways, this Thursday, June 14 : Tchertchessov’s men easily won 5 goals against Saudi Arabia in the inaugural match of the competition.

For the kick-off of the World Cup, the show was at the rendezvous. The Host Country, Russia, ate only one bite from Saudi Arabia (5-0). In the 12th minute, Gazinsky opened the scoring. Just before halftime, Cheryshev , entering the 24th minute after dzagoev’s crack, doubled the bet.

On the way back from the locker room, the Russians continued to beat Saudi Defense. It was only in the 71st minute that the third Russian goal, scored by Dzyuba, came in for Smolov for just a few moments. In the additional time, despite their advance, the Russians did not give up. Cheryshev, with a splendid external strike left foot, then Golovin, on free-kick, have completed this success of the Sbornaya.