Rafael Nadal

An eleventh Roland-Garros title for Rafael Nadal

Despite a first set that hooked, Rafael Nadal has established itself in power in the face Dominic Thiem (6-4, 6-3, 6-2 in 2h42). The world nยฐ1 won his eleventh Roland-Garros, the seventeenth title in the Grand Slam of his career.

Rafael Nadal has yet touched on the extraordinary. Even if, for him, winning Roland-Garros is almost of the ordinary now.
For the eleventh time in his career, the Spaniard won in the final on court Philippe-Chatrier. Everyone saw him win again, he has not given wrong predictions and his set dropped to Diego Schwartzmann in the quarter-finals will remain the only exception to the scenario written in advance.
Dominic Thiem, he has not managed to stem the hegemony of the Majorcan and was beaten harshly in the final (6-4, 6-3, 6-2). The Austrian, however, was a good competitor but he was carried away by the power of the nยฐ1 in the world.

Rafael Nadal has extensively drawn on his fingers

The only warning for Nadal was in the third set. And it is her own body that has failed him play a round. After an exchange, he ran to his chair in the middle of a game to pull off the bandage around his left wrist. It has extensively drawn on his fingers, seemed to be embarrassed in the game and has appealed several times to the physio. But the discomfort (he then explained in his speech that he was suffering from cramps) has not prevented it from continuing its work of sapping.
It has a little bit more accelerated as if he was in the emergency to conclude. And after taking once again the service from Thiem, he completed the match on the heels on its implementation in the game. Inevitable, and this is not the Austrian, who will say the opposite.

A set hooked and then Rafael Nadal has held

Arrived with the label of the only man to have beaten Nadal this season on earth, the nยฐ8 in the world has never been able to annoy his rival even if he managed to evolve on some of the sequences at a very high level.
He had claimed to have a “plan”. Not sure that it has been able to implement it. He attempted, however, by forcing on the backhand of Nadal with his forehand, trying to put the change in setbacks or redoing the break that he had late in the first round. But the Spaniard was a gift to taste the bold, the image of this attractive and terrible in the first set when a backhand volley from Thiem, he has managed a lob extraordinary to make the point. Of what deliver the level of morale to zero in on the camp in front.

To be more close to the Spanish, Thiem would also have without doubt had to be more powerful on its put in game. They have too often faltered in the beginning of the game and that he hopes more of his first final in a Grand Slam. It has also lost the set on an ugly station wagon white (6-4) with four unforced errors. Behind, Nadal has chained rebreakant from the beginning of the second set. “Rafa less quickly, por favor”, has launched a small malignant in the stands at this time. Almost everybody had understood at that time that Thiem could not do much to prevent Nadal to reign again on Roland-Garros.

Rafael Nadal: The unbeatable player

Despite the wishes of some users of Central, Nadal has complied with its strategy to the letter. In always put a bit more in his racket, and make the air even more unbreathable for the player in the face and abolish any notion of hope in him.