Two doctors have officially announced this Monday that Loris Karius, goalkeeper of Liverpool, had suffered a concussion in the final of the champions League lost against Real Madrid. The doorman German 24-year-old had made two errors surprising that had cost his team a victory.

The goalkeeper of Liverpool, Loris Karius, has suffered a concussion shortly before committing two big mistakes which have caused the downfall of Liverpool in the champions League final against Real Madrid (3-1), according to two experts who have examined it, he said Monday. Karius, currently on vacation in California, is based on a press release of the doctors Ross Zafonte and Lenore Herget, who have examined the may 31, in Boston, at Massachusetts General Hospital, five days only after the defeat of the Reds in Kiev.

“After having carefully reviewed the film of the game and have integrated a detailed history, a physical examination and objective statistics, we conclude that Mr. Karius has suffered a concussion during the game on may 26, 2018”, explain the two practitioners. During the final, Karius complained to referees in the 49th minute after receiving an elbow to the defender Spanish Sergio Ramos, a fact of the game passed largely unnoticed at the time.

Two minutes later, the goalkeeper of germany has committed the first blunder by raising to the hand-a ball intercepted by the attacker in the Real Karim Benzema, who opened the score. After a returned magnificent Gareth Bale on which he could do nothing, he then committed a second blunder on a shot far from the same Bale, who has inexplicably escaped from the hands.

According to the conclusions of Dr. Zafonte and Herget, it is possible that the concussion suffered earlier by Karius was able to have an influence on his behavior and explains at least in part to his mistakes. “At the time of our evaluation, the major residual symptoms and objective signs of Mr. Karius suggest that there was likely to be a dysfunction, visual spatial, right after the event” (the elbow by Sergio Ramos), explain the Dr. Zafonte and Herget.

“Additional symptoms and objectively-rated dysfunction have also persisted. It is possible that such deficits have affected his performance,” prosecuting the two doctors, who have, however, noted “significant progress since the concussion”. “We estimate that it will recover completely, according to the results of the examinations”, note again the specialists, which stress to have encouraged the player to be vigilant for his return to the game. Ramos was also injured in the shoulder, in the same match, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, striker-the star of the Reds, who came out of the ground at the end of half an hour. After a few days of uncertainty, Salah is leaving for the World in Russia.