Denmark and Sweden have been able to break a tie (0-0), in preparation for the world Cup 2018.

If ร„ge Hareide has held about hard against the French team last week, coach Danish should also ask a few questions about his own team after his performance against Sweden (0-0) on Saturday.

Future opponents of the Blue (on 26 June) during the world Cup 2018, the “Red and Whites” have not shown much during the pre-game, and they will undoubtedly raise their level if they want to reach the 8th finals.

Private Eriksen for this meeting, the Danes have had to wait until the 80th minute to be dangerous. But Delaney, a well found back by Dolberg, sent the ball above the goal. They would have even been able to be punished three minutes later if Kiese Thelin had framed his head (83rd).

Next test for the two formations : Denmark will play against Mexico (June 9) and Sweden will challenge Peru (9 June).