Zinedine Zidane does not crowd more land for twelve years, but he remains the king of the deke. Just five days after winning his 3rd champions League in a row on the bench of Real Madrid, the French coach has announced, to general surprise, his departure from the Spanish club during a press conference held Thursday at the training center Valdebebas, in the suburbs of madrid.

A 45-year-old, “Zizou” led to the Merengue from January 2016, after having patiently taken his classes, in the shade, at the head of the reserve team. In two and a half years and while it was his first experience at the highest level, the champion of the world 1998 has swept or nearly so-with three League champions, therefore, a title of champion of Spain, but also a Spanish Supercup, two Supercoupes Europe and two world Cups of Clubs.

Zidane bows out at the top, and heals a bit more his legend. Supporters of the self-proclaimed “biggest club in the world”, they are in shock.” READ ALSO – Zidane : the secrets of a stunning success”After three years, I believe that this is the time for me but also for the staff and the club.

For that the team continues to win, this needs to change. We need another discourse, another way of working,” said Zinedine Zidane to justify his departure. Turtleneck black jacket and blue jeans faded, it appeared serene and peaceful, while recognizing that the moment was “odd”. You could say inconceivable. Real shredder coaches, the Real Madrid is more accustomed to cut off their heads only to see them regain their freedom. But Zidane is not a coach like any other. Present at his side in the face of journalists, Florentino Pรฉrez has not seen anything come. “When he told me yesterday (Wednesday), it was a shock. Such a decision after a victory in the European Cup, this is unexpected, confessed, the air serious, the president of Real Madrid and a friend of the star. I tried to convince him to stay but I know him. I have no doubt about the fact that he will return one day”.

That is going to be Zinedine Zidane after this blow of the penknife that is unexpected in a contract that ran until 2020 ? “I’m not going to lead a team right away, and I’m not looking for”, he assured on Thursday, while stating that he was not ‘ tired to train. It is just a matter of timing.” All eyes converge necessarily to the team of France. “This is something he has programmed in his head, before even going to Real Madrid. We had spoken together, ” says Henri Emile. This is something that will be natural, if it should happen one day”. To review Zidane on a bench, it would therefore be necessary to wait until 2020, when the contract of Didier Deschamps will come to an end. Unless the campaign of Russia turns to the Bรฉrezina this summer. The Cock hung in the heart, it is certainly not the wish of the legendary nยฐ10.