Rafael Nadal and Simone Bolelli have been forced to return to the dressing rooms, while the Spaniard leading two sets to zero. In the third set, it was Bolelli who had the advantage, leading three games to zero. Far from being ridiculous, the Italian has delivered a strong game, making it speak to its power in the face of a Nadal less accurate than usual and appearing to play in slow motion. Shoved in the first round, the Spaniard was left in breakant at a better time, at 5-4 on the service Bolelli.

Far from demobilizing, the Italian came home very strong in the second set. Without complex in the face of the ogre of the clay, Bolelli breakait even Nadal on his first game and led 3-0. Before sunrise a bit of a walk, after an hour of intense play. The stylish right-handed, has powerful punches and a beautiful backhand with one hand could not cope with the return of a Nadal more laid back and accustomed to decisive moments. The Spanish won six consecutive games to win the second set 6-3. Without really forcing their talent.

Far from being deterred, Bolelli -who had a level of play much higher than that seen in qualifications and that his 129รจme place in the world foreshadowed – attacked the third set on the right foot. Offensive as in the beginning of the match, looking for well-placed shots and by taking advantage of a good service, the Italian began in the second set : winning his two service games and breakant Nadal. What lead 3-0 once again, a score far from being ridiculous for one who had always suffered painful defeats in the face of the Majorcan.

It is, therefore, to 6-4 / 6-3 / 0-3 in favour of Nadal that the arbitrators decided to suspend the meeting, drops of rain falling already since 30 minutes on the porte d’auteuil. The match will be continued tomorrow.