Qualified for the eighth final in a row, having given everything, the star of Cleveland admits that this was one of the biggest challenge of his career. The Figaro was on hand for that game 7 against Boston, which will be a date.

LeBron, what are your thoughts on this match and qualifying to the final, the ninth in all, the eighth in a row ?
LeBron James : I have a lot of things that pass me by the head at the moment. We have often declared dead this season… When we did the transfers to the trade deadline, I had already said that whatever happens I was going to change mentality. He had to make the best of this season, that this team was going to be like an orange and that I was going to squeeze until there is no longer a single drop that remains ! It is quite a feat for our club… Without our player All-Star (Kevin Love, who suffered a concussion early in the sixth game) for almost two games. The Celtics were undefeated at home during these playoffs, so to do that โ€“ and for me to have been able to lead these guys โ€“ this is mind-blowing. Frankly I have not yet truly realized. It was great to be a part of this atmosphere. Another game 7, to the outside… As I already said, when one hangs up his sneakers, one can only dream of finding moments like this. I can not even to realize that we are going to the final in fact.

Can you explain your tactic a personal, so that your teammates had trouble putting their shots in the first half ?
Each possession has its own challenge. And even if my teammates have not returned their shots in the first half, I knew that the Celtics were going to catch two or three on me, and force my teammates to take shots and return them. And me too it was necessary that I continue to get my shots.

You said a few weeks ago that this season had been as testing as it is in play five, because of the difficulties of your team.

Now, it’s been six. C โ€˜is as if we had done six seasons in a… The final chapter arrives. This has been a lot of up and down, a roller coaster in fact. We had roses and thorns… It was a little bit of everything. And it is certainly one of the seasons most difficult of my career.

Have you had a moment of doubt ?
If it had happened to me I won’t tell you. I don’t tell you. But it is tempting !