Portugal, and Tunisia are separated on a score of parity (2-2) in Braga, in preparation for the world Cup. In a game of lively and rich in opportunities, the European champion has yet led 2-0 in that encounter, played without Cristiano Ronaldo.

Deprived of their captain Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal has struggled to get into the game, on the contrary, Tunisian, decided to come out cleanly with the ball and to take it to the throat of the champion of Europe in title. A tactical unpaid, since these are the Portuguese, who hit the first, by Andrรฉ Silva, who enjoys a love of the centre of Ricardo Quaresma to talk about his game head and register his twelfth goal in 21 selections (1-0, 22e). This purpose releases the Portuguese, which will double the mark on a wonderful half-volley overkill of Joรฃo Mรกrio (2-0, 34th).

The Eagles of Carthage have not lowered the arm, and they quickly reduced the gap by Badri, whose shooting has suddenly surprised Anthony Lopes (2-1, 39th). And if Bernardo Silva has found the post after a superb number of soloist (55th), the Tunisians have re-taped after the set time by Ben Youssef after a clearance missed by the keeper belonging to Lyon (2-2, 64th).