Out on injury at the half time of the game in the final of the Champions League, Mohamed Salah complained of the shoulder.
According to Jรผrgen Klopp, the state of health of the player is disturbing even if the egyptian federation is more optimistic. The participation or not of Salah at the World Cup is uncertain.

The football world was waiting for the confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah.
For many, it was almost a placing a witness between a legend of football and a player who aspires to become one.
Unfortunately for the international egyptian, nothing happened as expected.
The star of Liverpool has had to leave his team-mates shortly before the half-hour crying, holding the shoulder. It must be said that the duel with Sergio Ramos has been fierce.
The shoulder of the number 11 of the Reds has not given the shock when she struck violently on the ground.

Without his master to play, Liverpool could not do anything and lost 3-1, thanks to two blunders of Karius. Mohamed Salah to as to him, returned to the locker room and headed to the hospital in Kiev.
Several british media, including the BBC, have quickly referred to a shoulder dislocation at the end of the meeting.
Questioned in the press conference after the match about the state of health of his player, Jurgen Klopp has appeared to be the least worried, and gave new not really reassuring about the state of the form of Salah.
“It is a serious injury, really serious.
He is in the hospital for an x-ray. It is either the collarbone or the shoulder itself. It does not look good, that’s all I have, ” he said vexed.

Already, the egyptian federation has already reacted on twitter and announced that Dr. Mohammed Abu Ola had been warned by the medical service of Liverpool after the scanner X-ray to be passed by the player and that, according to the first diagnosis time was optimistic about the chances of seeing the Pharaoh play in the World Cup in three weeks. The coming days should enable us to learn more about the actual duration of the unavailability of Mohamed Salah.