The final of the champions League was played in three acts, as a piece of theatre, tragic if you consider yourself as a fan, even if moderate, of Liverpool : first a key to judo, which leads to an injury, and then a gesture unlikely attacker and finally an error any as unlikely a keeper. The fall of the coin was the victory (3-1) Real Madrid face a Liverpool team that is lower in the game but also extremely unlucky.

From the beginning of the match, it would be found that the opposition of style that everyone dissรฉquait for weeks was a reality on the ground. The Reds have gone 140 km/h, attacking from the outset, a Spanish defence slower. The beginning of the game was a thunderstorm to the Real. The Spaniards, knowing that a storm is bound to be temporary, have left to spend. They came out a little wet, and from there took control of the game, drop down to leu game oiled from wing to wing passing through the foot experts of Modric and Kroos.

The first act, in the 30th minute. The Egyptian Mohamed Salah is trying to escape from Sergio Ramos. He grabs her by the arm and pulled, not far from the referee who whistles even not fault. Badly faded, Salah will come out early in the final, which had to devote its status as a Ballon d’or potential. While Ramos was cementing his status as a player among the most hated on the planet (it reminds us of its simulation in a champions League final 2017), Salah left the lawn in tears.

Without their best scorer (44 goals this year) and the key to their attack prolific, Liverpool played as if they were a 10 on the ground. The domination of madrid on the game was growing in the beginning of the second period. A cross from Isco (47th) suggests that the opening of the score is close. We would never, ever guessed that it would be a relaunch of the guardian Liverpool directly on the foot of Karim Benzema who passed by (50th).

Liverpool could have collapsed psychologically after this error. But we are talking here of a team that has recovered from a 3-0 down against AC Milan to win the champions League in 2005. Almost in the wake (55th), Sadio Mane equalised from a corner. The Senegalese is the only striker not to have been wiped out by the output of Salah, such as Firmino and Lallana. In tribute to his injured team-mate, he celebrates by praying.

Act 2, in the 67th minute. Faced with a centre or low enough, or high enough to Marcelo, Gareth Bale decides to try the back. A gesture unheard of, not only because it is perfectly realized in the course of the game, or because it ends up almost into the corner, but because Gareth Bale was brought into play just 122 seconds before. It was almost his first touch of the ball.

Act 3 at the 82nd minute. Real Madrid revolves around the 3rd goal for a while, without success. The defence of Liverpool, led by the very good Van Dijk and Lovren, does not break. Gareth Bale tries a shot a bit soft from 30 metres away, in full on the guardian. Loris Karius was visibly broken, to him, since his first error, and the whistles that followed. He misses the ball and gives the game to the Real. The goalkeeper the German will leave from Kiev who cashed can be the purpose the most comical and the most impressive in the history of the finals of the champions League.

“Winning the champions League three times in a row, it is a crazy thing “, said after the game, a Zinedine Zidane, smiling from ear to ear and the triumph modest. The people of Madrid are entered in the history from the final whistle. The club is increasing its domination over the competition, which they won for the 13th time. They become the first team to do so three times, in the modern version of the competition. Sergio Ramos lifted the trophy for the 5th time in his career, just like Cristiano Ronaldo, who has thought good to let go after the match ” it was great to be at Real Madrid “, who is in talks for a wage increase. Raphael Varane and Karim Benzema were raised for the fourth time. Real Madrid has not been eliminated in this competition since 2015, and we would not be surprised if this continued for a fourth year.