The future of Karim Benzema at Real Madrid seems to be sealed. The international striker habs would have indeed resolved to leave the club of his dreams at the end of the current fiscal year, but would have been certain conditions its management, in exchange for services rendered.

It will probably be this Saturday evening in the final of the champions League, face Liverpool FC, his last game with the jersey of Real Madrid on his shoulders. Because Karim Benzema seems closer, inexorably, to the output, the Merengues are determined to begin a new cycle during the summer, and to renew part of the workforce, especially in the offensive sector. Performance sine Gareth Bale, the rise of Marco Asensio, the repositioning of the axial expected of Cristiano Ronaldo or the lack of effectiveness of the French striker in the last few months are as many arguments that plead in favor of a summer campaign to recruit ambitious.

And according to the Spanish press, the thirty-year-old trained at Olympique Lyonnais seems to have resolved to accept his fate and looking for a new club, but not without the fierce desire to raise one last time the cup with the big ears, this Saturday evening in the sky of Kiev, before leaving. This would be his fourth european trophy in nine seasons… Has reluctantly so, Karim Benzema seems to be prepared to leave a training that was a dream already as a kid. But not no matter what the conditions… Thus, KB9 and its representatives have asked the management of madrid to make some concessions in order to encourage its departure.

Thus, instead of theโ‚ฌ 80 Million that Florentino Perez hopes to recover on this file, the one that had been purchased from 35 Mโ‚ฌ in 2009 would require starting from onlyโ‚ฌ 40 Million. He would be a target option for a wider range of contenders. Importantly, this option, if it were body, would allow the club buyer to spend less in claims, so that in return the Habs can benefit from the best fees. Remains to be seen if the bosses of Real Madrid will accept such conditions, they have to, in return, invest massively in order to improve the strength of Zinedine Zidane, and hope to logically sell for the kidneys more solid still.