The organizers of Wimbledon have introduced new rules for the 2018 edition (July 2-15) to reduce the number of dropouts in the first round.

The All England Club has introduced the “50/50” rule, to avoid reliving the inconvenience of the last edition of Wimbledon, marked by seven dropouts in the first round. Until the 2017 edition, a player had to take part in the first round to receive his reward. And some showed up on the court, reduced by the wounds, then quickly throw in the towel.

Now injured competitors can claim 50% of the reward (increased to 44,000 euros), if they retire at the latest on the Thursday before the first round. The remaining 50% will then be donated to his replacement. So that this rule is not diverted, the organizers have also warned that anyone “would give up or provide a performance below professional standards” in the first round could be fined the height of its initial prize money.