The Spurs have decided to dissolve their troupe of cheerleaders, which will be replaced by a more family show next season.

The Silver Dancers troupe, formed in 1991, will no longer officiate next season at Spurs games in San Antonio. “We are excited to announce the creation of our new 35-member animation troupe, which will showcase a unique line of family-friendly talent,” said Tammy Turner, vice president of Spurs Sports and Entertainment, without giving more explanations.

According to the San Antonio press, the animation during Spurs matches will now include acrobatics, stunts and other perilous jumps. This decision comes in the midst of the #MeToo movement that uncovered thousands of reports of sexual abuse in many economic sectors.

“We are (in San Antonio) in a very conservative market, the leaders of the team have always been very careful about what the dancers were doing,” said choreographer Rosalyn Jones, founder of the troupe, at the Washington Post. I have never seen or heard anything vulgar, the dancers are all professionals who know the rules and who know they are Spurs ambassadors. “