After the bad experiences Verratti and Bellerin last season, Barca seriously begins to worry about an Antoine Griezmann. While the transfer seemed to be locked up for many weeks, everything could be shattered.

Barรงa may need to review its copy for transfer. Antoine Griezmann for 100 million euros, the windfall was beautiful and the negotiations completed with the clan of the international tricolor. Yes, but here it is, Atlรฉtico Madrid’s frenzied forcing, the affectionate marks of the whole club, the salary increase and the success in the Europa League have obviously taken effect in the spirit of “Grizi”. So much so that he would have changed his mind now to stay in Madrid.

Barรงa has therefore decided to react and the message of Lionel Messi himself is absolutely nothing to chance. “Obviously I like it, it’s one of the best,” said the Argentinean for the radio RAC 1. A way to officialize the welcome of all the locker room.

The fact remains that the Barรงa management can clearly be concerned and must now even think very seriously about a Plan B. Last year, Semedo and Paulinho had arrived at the place of Bellerin and Verratti. In the event of Griezmann’s refusal, the entire recruitment policy will be turned upside down. Because a player with the qualities of the Tricolore at this price and who knows La Liga so well, it does not exist.